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Stef Ralbovsky is one of a well known make up and hair stylists born in Slovakia. Living and working mostly in Netherlands we were happy he had a minute for us while he was visiting back home. What he loves about women is their natural beauty. So he decided to show you some tricks to highlight your perfection.


On clean face we use eye cream, moisturizer or serum to hydrate the skin. Prepares your skin before make up application.

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On clean face we use eye cream, moisturizer or serum to hydrate the skin. Prepares your skin before make up application.

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Should be layered on top of corrector. We use concealer on the places with little redness or discoloration to even out the skin.

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Choose the formula based on the skin’s condition, coverage and finish. Start by the nose and work it out. Foundation should look like skin. Don’t forget to blend it to the neck, we don’t wanna have unwanted make up lines.N37A4654 copy


Use brow gel to brush your brow into wanted shape. If you need some filling use brow pencil or powder. Choose a shade that is the same tone as the brow. Follow the natural arch of the brow.

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Using cream or powder eye shadow in natural color adds natural definition that doesn’t need blending. For addition depth add a medium – dark shadow in the crease.

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Curl lashes before applying mascara. Brush Mascara from base to tips of lashes.

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Skin tone correct powder evens out the skin, keeps the foundation longer. It gives really nice smooth apperance.

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Choose a lip color that matches lips to find the perfect nude. Line lips after lipstick for natural – looking definition.

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Have you ever worked as a make up/ hairstylist in Slovakia or you have started in Amsterdam?

My first hair& make up jobs were in Amsterdam. From that time i had chance to work with some photographers and stylist in Slovakia, but the beginnings are in Amsterdam.

How and when did you realise that you want to work in beauty bussiness?

My mother is hairdresser and from young age i was looking at her what she does and how she transform other people. Was really interesting for me.

Holland vs. Slovakia – 3 biggest differents

I’m not so often in Slovakia and when i’m i’m mostly i Bratislava. What i can say here in Netherlands are people more individuals what goes about there style then in Slovakia. Men here taking more care of them then guys in Slovakia, even i have to say every time i visiting BA i see more and more guys who are really good groomed and looking like they give effort to there looks. Like the way how Slovak girls taking care of them. You don’t see it here so often by Dutch girls.

If you would have to choose job as a make up a. or hair stylist which one would you prefer?

Like them both but my preference go to hair.

Is this your dream job? If you could change for any other would you?

What is exactly a dream job? I think everybody have couple of things in there life what they like to do. It’s great if you have the chance to do what you enjoy and what makes you wanted to wake up every morning and do it and have fun with it. 🙂

What is the hardest part of being make up and hairstylist (both in one)?

Don’t know if it’s the hardest part, but the important one is…don’t get stuck on one place, work on you and always try to reach new goals.

What do you love about your job?

Being creative, meeting interesting people, travel

For those who wants to become hair/make up artist Is it necessary to study make up/hair or peple just need to be talented to work in this bussiness?

It is good to study or assist somebody to learn the techniques, but to be honest, right now with internet and things you can find online, you can lear make up tricks also there. It’s about practicing practicing practicing.

If you imagine a perfect woman what make up would you love to see her to have?

Love natural beauty.

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