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While I was in LA my roomie GISÉLE got a show for Louis Vuitton!!! What a great news! So I took my analog camera and took some pictures with this Australian raising top model! Hope you gonna love her look as I do!

How did u get started modeling?
I was at a shopping mall back home (in Australia) when someone spotted me.

How did your career go from there?
I’ve been really lucky to travel. I’ve worked in LA, New York, Paris, New Zealand, Shanghai. A definite highlight for me was walking for Louis Vuitton so recently. It was something so unexpected and I never thought something like that would happen for me. A definite dream come true.

Can  you all it that your dreams came true or you are still waiting for something bigger? What would you love to achieve in modeling?
They really did come true. So now i’m just thinking of what will come next! Probably a ketchup commercial I want to achieve a lot… Maybe too much. But i definitely want to create a name for myself.

Tell us everything! How was did it feel it be there! Who did you meet! How was the collection! How long took preparations? What was your reaction they told you “have it” !
It was incredible. I remember i was told on a Friday that i was being flown to Paris the next day to meet with the team. I’m pretty sure when my booker told me i told him to shut up and stop joking with me hahah. How i found out that i had it? My booker messaged me while i was still in Paris (the day i was leaving to return to LA) that i was confirmed and I legit nearly passed out. I had to screenshot the message so i could look at it over and over again to make sure i wasn’t making shit up. It was unreal. The show was on a Wednesday and i went to Palm Springs on the Monday morning. Lots of fittings and then rehearsals before the show. The whole Louis Vuitton team was there. And the designer, Nicolas, was one of the sweetest people i have met. A total sweetheart and so humble.


How do you care about yourself- food,skin,fit body
I’ve danced most of my life so i try and take dance classes when i can, as well as yoga and pilates. As for skin, eating healthy is a main thing. Although if you put a treat in front of me I will have ingested so fast i’m probably choking.

When u started to work as a model- did u have any expectations?
A few. Especially if you watch Top Model… which is so not accurate.

Tell us 3 worst parts and 3 best parts of modeling? Is it worth it?
3 worst- homesickness, long hours, not being treat like a human being sometimes.
3 best- the people you meet, the places you see, life experience. It’s so worth it. I’ve grown so much as a person and really know how to take care of myself now.

Tell us about the worst job you have ever done.
I’m not sure if it’s the worst, but it was bloody awful. I was shooting in new york in -10 degrees celsius weather in a mini skirt and bra. I was given heat pads to put in my underwear and underneath my armpits. Which did absolutely nothing when my whole body was numb and i was getting yelled at for having “blue lips”.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? still working in this bussiness? if not what is the other option ?
I have no idea. I can’t even think about what i’m having for dinner tonight. A lot can happen in 5 years. I’ve always been a really artistic person- so i’ll always be doing something creative.

Is it hard for you to be far away from ur home town? How you handle it?
It used to be really hard. I have a very close family and i have learnt to not allow myself to think about it. Now that i’m older, i’m lucky that i can handle it. Skype is my saviour. And i’m lucky enough that sometimes someone will come visit me.


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