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How awesome is a fact that everyone of us is completely different not even left side of our body is the same as the other! There is no one who looks totally the same as you or has the same fingertips. You are so singular and unique! So WHY? are we always trying to look as a copy of someone else?

There is always that “THING” that is so popular in a time and there always gonna be one. The “THING” that always totally irritates me . Nowdays there are colourful Adidas Superstar sneakers, gold tattoos with ornaments… So lets have it all and everyone! Does it still sound so cool when you see daily other 30 people having that same “THING”? There is a problem. You feel like you need to have it cause everyone is wearing it. Think about it a second. Do you really like it or deeply inside you know that the reason is written 2 sentences up here? I cannot even remember what was the trend a year ago do you? Those things you were wearing ages ago at school and now when you see pictures from those times you are laughing so badly cause you cannot understand how you could wear that “TREND” and you also thought that it is gonna be stylish forever but as you can see it was/is not.Be unique be you! Fashion is so spread out nowdays so lets work it out differently! You do not have to be cool in a way like every second person is! Find your own way, your own style how to express yourself! I know it is also really hard cause you can see influence of celebrities everywhere! You see them daily does not matter what you do. But after all they are also only human beings. It is also very smart business for companies paying them to advertise their products and you are the only one who can stop to be a sheep and do not follow crowds and just purify yourself and be YOU!?


1043outfit: transparent dress – H&M, sleeveless blazer – ZARA, shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

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