Las Vegas & Grand Canyon

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Last weekend was so busy! We (me and my boyfriend) went to Las Vegas plus to Grand Canyon and made it in 3 days. We wanted to rent a car on Thursday night but unfortunately enterprise (renting-car-company) was open only till 6 o’clock so we missed it. So we had to wait till Friday morning. That was not really smart cause we had to wait for car 3 hours- all of them were rented so if you plan your trip try to book your car day before online to be sure that you get one ! When we finally stepped into our cute white chevrolet – our adventure could begin. On a way to Vegas we had only one stop cause our Chevri was running out of gas. Otherwise journey was pretty calm, traffic was also really great plus the weather was just awesome! It took almost 5 hours to got there. Only brought all our stuff to our one-night hotel room and were ready to explore.N37A7954N37A7900N37A7893N37A7873N37A7857N37A7913

City looked insane. It is so crazy looking with all of the fake famous city treasures such as Eiffel tower or pyramids. During a night it was even more cool with all of lighting but I got to say that I did not like it THAT much that I would need to come back. It is all right to see but for me thats it. When you really love parties Im sure you would have fun. I just did not find it that awesome. But that is exactly what I have expected. Fake small city with some crazy people. BUT lets move to definitely better part of our trip. Next day we left Vegas at 8am and started our 5 hours journey to Grand Canyon. Whole way we were surrounded by nature and almost no cars were annoying us. I loved that desert vibe plus that feeling of freedom was just wow!N37A7977N37A8122

Arrived to our whole wooden hotel- cowboy style- was so nice and clean. Hotel was placed in the village called Valle that was 40 minutes from Grand Canyon national park. There is also one more village on your way there but hotels prices in Tusayan village were just insane so we decided to stay a little bit farther and save 200$. So it was saturday that we first saw THAT overwhelming view!!! You cannot imagine that beauty! When you see it in a picture you would not say it is so HUGE and massive.N37A8603N37A9113N37A8419N37A8332N37A8124 N37A8135 N37A8130

You enter the Grand Canyon Park (it cost like 30$ per car and it is for 7 days) and you are in the most peaceful place! You see so many deers and squirrels.

N37A9136 N37A9123 N37A9117 Breathtaking place surrounded by silence and peace! We spent there Saturday and also whole Sunday and we were so sad we had to leave. There is definitely worth to spend at least 3 days. So many trails to choose the shortest one is for 2 hours but there are some for 10 and more to also see river Colorado. And fun is to rent a dunkeys and you ride them all the way to Colorado river.

So happy we made it there. Love those memories! Feeling so relaxed- we had more than 7 hours ahead on the way back to LA.

FullSizeRenderPS: New posts from Grand Canyon coming soon plus we shot an amazing editorial there so stay tunned! 

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