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This is an editorial that we shot a year ago. BUT! I cannot stop loving it so that is why I have decided to share it with you guys! And especially cause without this day when we shot it- there would not be today! And do you know why? 🙂 On this shooting I have met love of my life with who I have started natallipa’s blog. Magic 🙂 

Guys if there is your favourite picture please write down to the comments which one! I would really love to know your opinion 🙂

with Love – Natallipa
Nicole_Lieskovska_N37A5275-copyNicole_Lieskovska_N37A5816-copyNicole_Lieskovska_N37A5725-csospyNicole_Lieskovska_N37A5964-copy-copyNicole_Lieskovska_N37A6161-copyNicole_Lieskovska_N37A6063-copyNicole_Lieskovska_N37A5393-Recoveredstyling: me
photo: Nicole Lieskovska
make up: Nikola Palova
hair: Monika Kalicka
assistant : my husband Tomas Thurzo

Published in RIVEN magazine

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