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Im totally sure about the fact 99% of people reading this article are lovers of animals. And im sure that 100% of them would never heart one. So why are you letting other people to hurt them, torture them and kill them for you? Nothing else is needed just a little knowledge and you can make a world better place. For example start by reading this article.


I had also no idea about what is going on around me. My favourite mascara was Make up forever, my favourite foundation was by Marc Jacobs and I was a huge fan of L’oreal too. Once I was just scrolling bored my facebook and there I have found PETA organisation that fights against all of the horrible animal testing. Pictures I have seen there, stories I have read there made me stop and think for a while about what Im doing. Im supporting every month brands they care so much about money they are killing and torturing animals I love so much. They are hurting someone and Im supporting all of this by bying their products so Im actually letting them know that Im completely fine with what they are doing. They are killing thousands of rabbits, dogs, ponies and cats.animal-testing

I do not want to show you these horrible pictures trust me but at least you can see and decide what make up you use.

These animals have never seen a nature, never have been pampered, have never been happy. They live in a small cage with 5 more friends and during a day they are torturing them by stinging injection of trial versions cosmetic products and of course without any painkillers. I felt so small I was asking myself if it is really worth it to change my favourite make up, if Im huge enough to change at least something. If you google ‘cruelty free make up’ there is over 100000 bloggs fighting against these horrible stuff, there is 4,5 milions of people fighting with PETA againts those foolish people they think animals are ours and we can heart them whenever we want. And now there is me and you could be the next one, you could be the next one who tells your friends and family. I have done this already so my sister, parents, my boyfriend, my best friend and also my grandma are not supporting this so I feel I can change a lot. I need you to know it is really easy to avoid this! There are thousands of brands they are not testing on animals. Not only cruelty free but these products are without chemicals, much more natural and healthier for your skin, teeth, hair and body. Even the price is the same sometimes even chieper. If you want to be sure your brand is not testing there is a list on PETA (here) which helps you to find the truth. The fact is there are so many American brands and some Europian are missing so you can get confused. In this case you can let me know so I can help you to find it is cruelty free or of course you can google it on some reliable sources. If you have not found the brand you are looking for you can write me on my ASK account or FAN PAGE to know more also if you have any questions.


And what cruelty free brands do I use now?

Shampoo: Kevin Murphy (this brand is kinda expensive. But if you go to any BIO store you can find 100% natural shampoo what is the best you can use for less than 10 €)

Shower gel: Weleda (here)BIOPHA NATURE (here) (there are so many of them but I love one from Weleda but it is kind of expensive. Now I have shower gel from BIOPHA NATURE and it is easy to find and the price is around 4 €)

Toothpaste: Weleda (here) (german brand full of amazing stuff, the highest quality, 100% natural, amazing feeling after you use it, great smell and taste – you need to try to understand. You can get it in pharmacy or drogerie store price is around 5 €)


  1. Mascara: PUPA (here) (cruelty free and cheap and Im in love with their mascara).
  2. Foundation: BareMinerals (here) (this brand is amazing, so natural, so great! Im using not exectly foundation it is more like BB cream but I love it. this brand is so popular in Germany, Sweden, Norway, England and I understand why. They have wide range of anything you need)
  3. Concealer: Urban Decay (here) (well know brand, the highest quality, no words needed)
  4. Lipstick: Be Natural range of lipsticks is really nice also urban decay.
  5. Powder and cheecks: Urban Decay
  6. Hair styling: Aveda (Love, love, love how natural and great it is. I use texturizing creme (here) and I cant stop to use it :)!


I wish all of the animals could live free like these gibraltar monkeys.


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