All you need is a LIPSTICK

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It does not matter what size my bag is I just HATE so much to carry make up and cosmetics with me. Firstable Im a bit afraid that it is going to open and destroy everything else I carry inside (for example I always bring my “4ever with me” sweater in case Im gonna be cold yes I know that is weird because I do it in summer too) and I would be pretty mad if that happens. SO the only thing I have with me almost everywhere is a LIPSTICK (of course I have it in special plastic bag IF something happens haha). And so the story goes.

Once I was really mad at myself to do not have any make up with me and I found in my bag one of my favourite brown Burberry lipsticks. I was thinking: Anyway all I need is the brown colour – for eyeshadows,  for cheeks and for lips too. So lets try it all in once with this brown lipstick and it really DOES work pretty great and you do not need any blushes either! I love it even more because:

  1. EYES – it gives you really nice structure and shine. It does not get into your wrinkles and it stays whole day or night without retouching it!
  2. CHEEKS –  it does look more natural than cheek powder.
  3. LIPS –  no words needed. It is lipstick so I do not need to tell you it looks nice on the lips haha!


First thing you need to do just use your finger to apply lipstick on your eyes.


Softly make 2 small dots on a sides of both your eyes.


Then you just need to spread it evenly. Movement should be from inside out. I usually start in the middle (I like to have it darker in the outside corners of the eyes).


First layer.


If you still find it not enough you can add another layer so you make it darker.


Second layer.


Again you use your finger to make a thin line through your cheekbones.


Spread it to highlight your cheek bones.


Final look for cheeks.


For a lips I use also finger to make it look soft and natural.


Final look n.1 with Burberry brown lipstick.


Final look n.2 with MAC red lipstick.


The colours I love to use are shades of brown, pink and red. Does not really matter what kind of lipstick you use but I prefer matte lipsticks.


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